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Postgraduate Training

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The Faculty of Education, Economy and Technology offers postgraduate education at both Master’s and Doctorate level.

Our Master’s programmes aim to offer students advanced learning – either specialized or multidisciplinary – designed to achieve academic or professional specialization, or to provide an inroad to research activity. Students fulfulling the course requirements will be awarded the corresponding official Master’s Degree and will subsequently have access to doctoral studies.

The Doctorate is the third stage in a university education and provides the skills and competencies associated with high-quality scientific research. The doctoral programme comprises a range of activities designed to enable students to develop academically and establish the procedural basis for research leading to the doctoral thesis. For more information please visit the website of the UGR’s International School for Postgraduate Studies .

Our Faculty offers the following postgraduate programmes::

  • Doctorate: in Teaching and Learning Models and the Development of Educational Institutions.
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